The Life of a Concorde Pilot - A talk by Captain Tim Orchard

You must have a valid museum ticket - as well as a ticket to Captain Tim Orchard’s talk - in order to attend this event.

Enjoy a fascinating talk from Captain Tim Orchard, a former Concorde pilot and co-pilot for Concorde’s world record transatlantic flight.

Captain Tim Orchard began his flying career 47 years ago. He has flown over 50 types of aircraft and is currently licenced to fly aeroplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons and hot air airships.

Tim is an air-test pilot, a display pilot, a flight instructor and a senior examiner and assessor (of pilots, flight instructors and of examiners) for the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

He jointly holds the Concorde World Record time for the journey from New York to London: 2hrs 52 minutes (7th February 1996).

Tim has flown in formation with the Concorde on several occasions, which of course few ever have done, including the Heathrow 50th Anniversary with Red Arrows and several air-to-air photography sorties.

In his career with British Airways Tim flew the Hawker-Siddeley Trident, the Concorde and the Boeing 777 as well as spending nine years as personal pilot to the BA Board, in an executive aircraft.

Tim was also Managing Director of an ex-BA subsidiary which runs its own airfield and flying schools. He is the UK, Ireland and Iceland sole distributor for a range of Italian aeroplanes, called “Tecnam”. He owns three hot air balloons and a 1950 deHavilland Chipmunk aircraft.

The Life of a Concorde Pilot - A talk by Captain Tim Orchard
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