Concorde Cavalcade: Bristol Owners

Join a cavalcade of Bristol Cars and Buses departing from Aerospace Bristol and visiting Concorde 002 at Yeovilton on 9th April – the 50th anniversary of 002's first flight.

Your day will include a visit to Alpha Foxtrot at Aerospace Bristol with tea, coffee & biscuits available upon arrival, travel to Yeovilton in your Bristol Car (or as a passenger)*, lunch at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, a visit to Concorde 002, and a commemorative ticket. You will also receive a voucher entitling you to a free return visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum. This will be issued on the day at the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Please arrive at Aerospace Bristol between 7.45am-8am for your welcome and visit to Concorde Alpha Foxtrot. The cavalcade will get ready to depart at 9.30am and buses will arrive back at Aerospace Bristol around 5pm.

*You must be travelling in your own Bristol Car, or have privately agreed to travel with a Bristol Car Owner, in order to book tickets through this page. If you have not made arrangements to travel in a Bristol Car, please book a Bristol Bus ticket.
Concorde Cavalcade
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